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Most of the time Kai Weng is a bullet, the natural black hair uplift, hair and gradually to the top of the cheap human hair wigs, or even shovel the light, only to stay in the back of some short hair, the hair looks very capable type , The side can kill the surface!


This bullet men’s popular hairstyle, as the name suggests is similar to a bullet shape of a hairstyle, suitable for mandibular convergence, more rounded people, quite tough style, but do not get big long face. Main features of the cheap human hair wigs uplift, the temples gradually to the head Shoulong, slightly behind the short hair, ears clean.


Most of the traditional side of the sub-line oil head is more mature, older sportsman will do the shape, but evolved to today, the side line of the oil head is now one of the favorite young cheap human hair wigs.The whole appears to be bullet-like streamlined, able to give people a simple and refreshing impression. For small boys, the bullet is a good repair colorful sense.


The hair is suitable for longer hair length of the sportsman who cut some level of people is also very suitable. This grasp, the cheap human hair wigs will be more sense of the line, you can create a fluffy, hair volume and more feeling. Beckham hair to stay long, the favorite to withstand this Pang degree modeling infested.


Appearance of the Chinese Fashion Night of this two-eighth back looks very handsome eye-catching, comb the hair meticulous, looks very neat and very rich taste, highlighting the delicate features and gentle men’s temperament temperament, a handsome cheap human hair wigs Match up, full of charm.