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Temperament black is still the trend of money! fashion cosplay wigs color inventory

Some people say, a new hairstyle, new cosplay wigs color can make a bad mood swept away, like the season when the purchase of new clothes, the hair should also follow the seasonal. This fall, we have been thinking about how to change the hair it? In October began to cool the moment, let us take a look at this year’s autumn and winter in the end what popular cosplay wigs color bar!


As we have so far unknown to Iraq, “the truth”, they will cosplay wigs photo released to the Internet. Some people seem to see the animation to unite the world scene.


The first is a sense of transparency with a taupe, and sure enough in the autumn and winter elements of cool colors ah! Although the gray line seems to have a very autumn , but in order to make the whole person look more energetic, you can mix some cosplay wigs, when the sun seems to play down more gentle, gentle, transfiguration People love small fresh girl.

Finally, the black hair is always undefeated it! No matter how long, like this most primitive temperament black is still very popular, if the softness is also good, in fact, will be particularly favored by boys it? If you dye in the summer hair color, may be in this autumn and winter test Try to return to  cosplay wigs, build temperament girl image.


This is the autumn and winter cosplay wigs color guide this year, you can follow their own preferences and needs in this fall and winter to a small transfiguration, together in this romantic season to show you the most beautiful, most confident side of it!