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Round face for deep curly wigs hairstyle changeable cute little fresh

White tranquil little girl, deep curly wigs styling design, immediately transformed into a small charming temperament feeling, a slight spread of bangs, modified fat face absolutely no problem, hair color natural and not contrived a round face for short hair!     Lovely deep curly wigs , looming neat looks sweet, combined with the upper and lower sides of the hair tie, the perfect modification of fat face, showing a small face effect, with a collar shirt, fresh fashion doubled.


Giving the feeling of pink hair deep curly wigs, shoulder length of the hair bundle trim, fresh and elegant fashion, big side of the bangs modified face just for the face of the girls seem very fit Oh!


Sweet smile, has a very charming effect, simple straight hair deep curly wigs, short neat’s pruning, the perfect modification that lovely face fat, with brown hair, very stylish!


deep curly wigs, lazy beauty of the natural presentation, the buttoned cute short hair, stay Meng Meng big sister, just irregular trim Prong Qi Liu, very modified face, fat face sister the best choice.


Oh, in front of the bangs aside, a kind of slanting feeling, but very smooth Oh, a little fleshy face together with some Funny sell Meng expression, this round face for short hair so cute.


Black and supple deep curly wigs, no matter how very healthy and beautiful to see Oh, a little free bang with a bit more sweet Oh, both sides of the ear and short hair with a round face is good Oh, was also a bit more lovely temperament Oh.