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Weird fashion! Model lace wigs modeling amazing Mexican fashion week

A shor lace wigs  style, you can make my sister become sweet and fresh, hot volume hair slightly fluffy but not messy, Qi  modified sister rosy face, it is good-looking. Brown line of a fluffy short hair perm lace wigs, fresh air sense of pleasant bangs, hot tail of the outer curl, it is fashionable and dynamic.


Now, beard styling has been the trend from the alternative to the East of London to the other side of the Atlantic to Mexico, a global fashion essential lace wigs. In the Mexican Fashion Week on the T stage, all models, both men and women, united to highlight the stylish temperament of the beard, surprising.


To a national totem style dress with lace wigs Tote bag, ready to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. Cute little security from the hat, dress to the boots are the national wind, the focus is not to choose a lace wigs style, with white balance is the most appropriate.


To a splicing jacket with lace wigs autumn and winter new Le Pliage Cuir Cody lambskin and leather different material stitching bags, supplemented by personality sunglasses, wide version of hand bracelets, cross strap sandals and other key parts of the black line, to complete the lace wigs but eye-catching airport look .