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Autumn and winter fashion girls temperament medium wigs any you choose!


MicModified was thin, dark hair is also simple fashion. Long curly hair loose down, and partial with bangs, easy face-lift, brown hair also looks very fashionable and beautiful. Short hair in a medium wigs, the side of the hair in the earo-volume long hair design, the same with the partial bangs, look very feminine, temperament of the partial bangs also easily achieve the effect of face-lift.


Fluffy long hair medium wigs, looks light Smart, and neat with, bring out the small face, look quite sweet temperament. Micro-volume short hair design, the same with the partial bangs with, repair Yan harnesses to enhance the temperament, brown hair is also very fashionable.


Long curly hair loose down, with a partial bangs, easy to achieve the effect of face-lift, showing a unique temperament, the medium wigs also appears simple and generous. The following editors to bring you several popular girls hairstyle design, temperament Variety, modified wild, like the sister or want to change the type of sister quickly with the editor together to see it, you will have a favorite.


Hair short hair fashionable fried, short hair sister paper may wish to own a different short hair, medium wigs  shoulder, hair tail for Alice hot roll processing sweet Jiaoqiao, with chestnut brown hair color girl full sense, bangs Simple oblique points out of the forehead out more handsome generous.