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2016 autumn and winter fashion what red wigs hairstyle type still come out on top

Round head high lob, fluffy, slightly curled red wigs to look more glossy, parted on the side design is more wild.Tao has been previously decent women like long hair, short hair simple after more of it by age, by the tail cut bangs and create a sense of depth, increasing the curvature of the red wigs is more tender.


Recently cut short hair Yang , comparing the length of hair, red wigs, obviously a little more fashionable then, not only cut hair, with little more after long bangs modified face, brown flax is more low-key fashion.


Autumn shawl hair and curly hair is more with it, like the long-haired sister was finally ushered in the fall time disheveled, red wigs spread over his shoulders, with a little volume to make you more fashionable and more feminine.


Only 6 years old daughter, Leila  dyed his hair red wigs, and the hair on the right side of the shaved short, purple and yellow painted a flower, looks very personality. After her daughter’s hair style photos on the Internet, triggering hot.Thus only slightly curled hair curls as make you look stunning, because the body is red wigs, curly hair so it is not so difficult to take care of anything else.