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By age short wigs hairstyles, while providing increased significantly younger temperament

short wigs hairstyles by age, and short curly hair oblique but this only added an Sexy female flirtatious flavor, planning neat waves roll to make hair look very full, oblique fringe fashion design is attractive, minus age but also will not lose feminine!


Natural hair is actually the most significant tender a hair color, very shiny hair color with the short wigs hairstyles head shape, not only perfectly modification of the face is more compact, but also give a younger instantly Oh tender was visual effects.


If you are a mother, Ms. level, then this atmospheric   short wigs hairstyles is quite suitable for you yo! Oblique bangs with a valgus curls design noble and elegant, beautiful hair color also highlights the white translucent color characteristics, people do not see your real age.

Beautiful  short wigs hairstyles  by age always so natural fit, and carve bangs design with the curly hair tail shape can always show a female character most gentle and charming, without hair hair color was also young can improve temperament.Oblique bangs also taken valgus perm hairstyle design allows more stylish. Within the natural hair tail wrapped buckle design face, brown hair and very bright good-looking, with all sorts of details are perfectly played a role in relaxing  short wigs hairstyles Oh!