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Not deliberately fashion is the master! Actress season for the airport to wear wigs pink modeling diagram

Female stars in addition to the red carpet, show floor, the most can not give up the non-airport fashion is none other than high-profile, wigs pink, Take a look at these beautiful actress of the airport fashion styling, the next time you want to go abroad you may also refer to see!


Ready to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. Cute little security from the hat, dress to the wigs pink are the national wind, the focus is not to choose a fancy dress style, with white balance is the most appropriate.


The same night to take the plane to France Patty wigs pink, a light ready to go to Paris Fashion Week, but inadvertently reveals its fashion taste!


Handsome leather jacket with a totem tannin wigs pink, white casual shoes, both sides of the width of the pants reflexed with casual atmosphere, casual one station are fashionable, in addition, wigs pink  super conspicuous.


Tan to Paris to see the show’s airport shape, never let everyone down, ice a black shape, long-sleeved sweater with Siamese wide wigs pink, so with the neatness of the dress, filling the white complexion, white and moving.