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Female stars love wigs short hair? Cut short to understand the popular trend

Song  since the long hair cut into long bobo head, is simply not the United States do not! Recently she made a new attempt, is replaced by a wigs short hair, at first, you will feel better Song long head, but from Song Jia recent look can be seen, she played a hand pretty short license.


Immortal sister is basically in the wigs short hair, horsetail, ball head wandering. Long hair Liu  more cents, the ball head looks more fresh, shawl hair very elegant atmosphere. Pregnant with the second child of the Qiao is still long, and occasionally have compiled the elements to join!


The wigs short hair of man-made natural fluffy feeling, giving a non-deliberate feeling, which can be seen from sleep wake up! The most popular in recent months, the characteristics of wave head: Liu, tail in the ear, Cheek on both sides of the location, but the wigs short hair and bangs are fluffy, giving a sweet feeling of cotton candy. In addition, short hair also has some subtle differences. Today, you will have an inventory of PC sauce!


Dark red suit jacket, with a black wigs short hair, satin texture of the dress is really a woman full of flavor, who said short-haired woman can not be sexy and cute!