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Popular short wigs top pieces list Want to fashion according to the cut!

Want to be more fashionable? Then to cut a short wigs top pieces it, long fluttering goddess before the era has passed, and now girls tend to start with more short wigs top pieces , the latest short hair style recommended, 16, according to cut my sister on the right!


Simple oblique points straight wigs top pieces lob hair is not simple, the simplest hairstyle is the most engaging. Oblique points of the long bangs close to the face scattered to express a delicate little face out, the end of the neatly trimmed slightly within the volume of natural Smart, with low-key light brown wigs top pieces simple atmosphere, charming temperament.


Hen Ye also pointed out that the Chinese clothing culture is profound, just a great deal of research on the fabric, such as Brocade, wigs top pieces, Kesi, the traditional silk fabric, that is enough to inspire people’s interest.


Wong Celine love for everyone to see. After a lapse of two years, to return to Paris wigs top pieces, neat black and white with, give us a lot of surprises.


Fashion Week for the first time to help out a large wigs top pieces  show, visible Crown Princess Zhang days love the degree of fashion really is not normal. Sexy and cool handsome black shape, once again allow users to enjoy a different kind of charisma Zhang days.